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All Groups sessions are currently postponed due to COVID


 It is important that you find the right fit for you and your family when seeking help for your family. The right fit means finding a therapist or specialist that cares enough to learn about what tools have been proven to work, and then applies that information to the issues you are facing. Kristy Cepielik offers support for clients by incorporating her preferred Goal Oriented and Attachment Theories of orientation with statistics and facts that have been proven to work therapeutically. Her approach is warm and personal. Call for a free consultation today!

Services & Groups

Edyn Therapy's spacious office is located in Pasadena, California, facilitating individuals, couples, children, family and group sessions. Younger clients enjoy a setting with plenty of books, games and toys to help them feel welcome and comfortable. Our toys are purposefully chosen, most often pertaining to common themes of therapy that children deal with. 
Walking Therapy
Why walking? Walking reduces anxiety, is low impact, and overall it's good for you physically and emotionally. Walking therapy began for clients who were simply not comfortable in an office. Perhaps the office causes them to feel confined, or they tend to express themselves loudly in therapy. Adults enjoy getting out to excercise and accomplish their therapeutic goals, and children and teen clients may feel intimidated by having therapy inside or prefer meeting at a park or taking a walk. The office setting simply may not be the most comfortable or appropriate setting for many for a variety of reasons.   

What is walking therapy? Walking Therapy is offered for those who are healthy enough to exercise for an extended period of time, or for a duration that is comfortable for you. The session can stop at a park if you are not ready to walk the entire session. If you like to be outside and enjoy getting exercise, or would like to start an exercise program, walking therapy my be a great option for you, especially if an office setting is one that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Therapy is incorporated into the session, meaning we will conduct therapy and talk as we walk. The sessions begin and end at Edyn Therapy's Sierra Madre, California office. If you prefer to meet in another location, if it is local to Sierra Madre, that can be arranged. 

As mentioned, clients interested in walking sessions must be able to walk and in good health. Walking sessions are not conducted if the temperature is uncomfortably hot, or if weather will distract from the therapy session.    

Support Groups
Support Groups are confidential and facilitated by Kristy Cepielik. RSVP is required at 626.993.5881. Groups start off with a short article and discussion. Sharing is not required, however, telling the group your name (first name only is fine) is standard. The majority of our time is spent sharing and supporting one another. Groups session times vary and last an average of 1.5 to 2 hours. Groups for young adults and children last 45 minutes to an hour. 

Group Sessions $20 per person

INFIDELITY - $20 per person, keeping therapy affordable for you, your family and the community
This group is reserved for couples and individuals

Infidelity Support is Edyn Therapy's most popular group. RSVP required at 626.993.5881. Infidelity Group takes place monthly the 2nd Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30pm, typically lasting 1.5-2 hours. Please sign up on our email list at to be notified of these and other events that take place. 

* All groups are confidential. 
Skype Sessions 
If you do not live near the Pasadena, California area and would like to receive a consultation, Edyn Therapy offers Skype sessions for California residents and those out of state via Life Coach. Visit link below for more information. 
Life Coach Service 
Living out of state? Click here! 
Life Coach status is used, as needed.  

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