Skype is available for those living in outside California, or residing far enough away from the Pasadena, California area that face to face office visits are not possible. Other candidates for Skype are those living in a facility or home, who are not mobile or well enough to travel.


Life Coach Service

Life Coach is an unregulated service unaffiliated with Edyn Family Therapy

and/or Kristy Cepielik as a Registered Marriage & Family Intern (MFTI), #83917  

Life Coach & Skype Fees                  

$100 per hour

Payment options are available on your left. Refunds are not given for services rendered.

Life Coach Service is available for those living far enough away from the Pasadena, California, area that individual or groups or sessions through Edyn Therapyare not possible. Most clients in California will be able to do therapy via Skype. Those out of state may still receive help through Edyn Therapy Life Coach.  Our goal is to reduce instances in turning clients away.


Kristy Cepielik is the owner of Edyn Therapy and a Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern, #83917. There are strict rules and regulations that govern therapists through the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). Life Coach Services are not part of that license or registration. Edyn Life Coach follows the same procedures that licensed therapists follow in all instances. The hours worked as a Life Coach are not part of Intern Supervision or hours toward licensure for interns working to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).   


A Life Coach is an unregulated service and no certification is required. This service is an option available primarily so Skype sessions or home visits beyond what is allowed by the BBS may take place. As mentioned, the goal is to turn no one in need away, provided schedules are accommodating. Payment through Pay Pal or credit card is accepted for Life Coach Services only. Although Kristy is not required to be certified as a Life Coach, her career experience is taken into account for those who choose this service. You will be working with an ethical, educated and experienced coach that will help you through your issues, following professional guidelines. Kristy is a mandated reporter because she is a regestered therapist in California, and is required to report abuse to an elder, child or intent to harm one's self or another person. Animal abuse will also be reported and calls, meetings and interactions are confidential. 


Skype Sessions are paid for by credit card via Pay Pal or in advance by check or money order.  Skype sessions are for adults 18+. Couples are welcome to Skype together. All clients interested in Skype are required to have the capability to facilitate Skype sessions. Sessions for teens may be arranged with parental or caretaker approval. Sessions for children via Skype are not available. Standard contracts apply such as Confidentiality, No Secrets Policies, Payment, etc.. Initial consultations are free. 


Life Coach Face to Face - Sessions are paid for by check or cash. If you are unable to attend sessions at our Sierra Madre office due to mobility or health issues, you may have sessions in your home or care facility if you are within a 20 minute travel radius of Pasadena, California. A travel fee will apply, depending on travel time. All of this will be discussed and agreed upon during a free consultation in advance. Standard contracts apply such as Confidentiality, No Secrets Policies, Payment, etc..


ADDENDUM: MFTI Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) Regulations allow for minimal session work with supervision out of the office; meaning an intern may visit a few clients (1 or 2) in their home or facility in compliance with BBS policies. If you prefer that your session is regulated by the BBS, please inquire, although space is extremely limited. 


NOTE: This page and service is only offered to clients who are unable to attend sessions under the supervision of Aleta Klein, and in accordance with the BBS in our Sierra Made, California office. If you are able to attend sessions at EFT, Life Coach options are not available. Life Coach Services are created so no client is turned away, provided scheduling allows for Life Coach Services to be rendered. Life Coach Services has the option of terminating service at any time. It is customary that an explaination will be given, but is not legally required.   


LEGAL AGREEMENT: Per contract and through this notification for clients utilizing Edyn Life Coach Services (ELCS), legal disputes that may arise will be settled through Arbitration and the fee for Arbitration Services will be split 50/50 between the client and Life Coach. As stated, a Life Coach is an uncertified, unregulated, unsupervised title that is not affiliated with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), although ELCS chooses to follow the same guidelines of the BBS when providing services which includes, Mandated Reporting, Confidentiality and Codes of Ethics which includes appropriate behavior with clients. 


Edyn Life Coach Services are administered by Intern Therapist Kristina Cepielik, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications/Public Relations. In 2014 she earned a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, graduating with a 3.8 GPA, and is a Registered Intern in good standing with the BBS. Her practicum experience include working at Kaiser Permanente and as a subcontractor for clients on probation  Other Life Coach facilitators may not hold this level of education or experience. Kristina Cepielik is not certified or required to earn a special certificate to hold the title Life Coach currently in 2016.  These standards may change. 


Life Coach Services are offered for those unable to travel or receive therapy in office, above client allowances for Interns applied by the BBS. Skype sessions may take place, which includes and allows clients out of state to receive services through the unregulated Life Coach title.     









Life Coach Service is available for those unable to attend sessions in office... Striving to turn no one in need away.

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