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Skype   & Zoom                                                                                              
Available for those living in outside California, or residing far enough away from the Pasadena, California area that face to face office visits are not possible. Other candidates for Skype are those living in a facility or home, who are not mobile or well enough to travel.

Life Coach & Skype Fees                           
$100 per hour

Payment options are available on your left. Refunds are not given for services rendered.

Life Coach Service is available for those living far enough away from the Pasadena, California, area that individual or groups or sessions are not possible. Most clients in California will be able to do therapy via Zoom. Those out of state may still receive help through Edyn Therapy Life Coach.  

Zoom and in person sessions are paid for via Venmo, Pay Pal, check or money order.  
LEGAL AGREEMENT: Per contract and through this notification for clients utilizing Edyn Life Coach Services (ELCS), legal disputes that may arise will be settled through Arbitration and the fee for Arbitration Services will be the responsibility of the concerned party. As stated, a Life Coach is an uncertified, unregulated, unsupervised title that is not affiliated with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), although ELCS chooses to follow the same guidelines of the BBS when providing services which includes, Mandated Reporting, Confidentiality and Codes of Ethics which includes appropriate behavior with clients. 
Life Coach Services are offered for those unable to travel or receive therapy in office, above client allowances for Interns applied by the BBS. Skype sessions may take place, which includes and allows clients out of state to receive services through Life Coach title.     

Life Coach Service is available for those unable to attend sessions in office

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