Celebrity Clients

All clients, including celebrity clients, are protected under the laws of the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). Confidentiality in therapy is mandatory and required by law. Edyn Therapy specializes in Infidelity, Divorce, issues with Parenting, Youth and Relationships in Crisis. 


Will I be noticed entering the building? Clients who are easily recognized may park at the rear of the building (North side) and enter from the rear entrance of the office on the West side of the building. Within less than a minute you will be in the privacy of the office, or waiting room and out of visibility of the public. It is extremely difficult for outsiders to see in any of our windows in the waiting room and in the office.


There are several business within our building. Customers come in for dental work, to take a Yoga classes, visit with Interior Designers, receive deep tissue massage, etc. There are many reasons for scheduling appointments within our office building. Your privacy is extremely important and it will be protected.