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Psychology Today - Verified Therapist
BAN - Beyond Affair's Network, Approved Therapist since 2014
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic Church - Approved Therapist
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Kristy is a graduate from Pacific Oaks College, where she received her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She was born and raised in the Pasadena area of California. Her undergraduate degree is from Cal Poly Pomona in Communications with emphasis on Public Relations. She is the mother of three children, a lover of animals, and a business woman and songwriter who became a therapist as a second career. She wanted to give back after experiencing issues in her family that required therapy for Infidelity. She met over a dozen therapists in her search for healing. When she learned what was most helpful, she decided to dedicate her practice to helping others through the process of Infidelity so they could receive specialized treatment, treating infidelity as a trauma. She is one of the few therapists in the area that dedicates their practice to Infidelity, using the techniques important to facilitating recovery and establishing connection. She is drawn to therapeutic theories that have been statistically proven to work, as well as those that have worked or her personally. 

Additional Certification/Education

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an important tool for overcoming anxiety, assisting with depression, fear, or in any instance where the client seems stuck. It has been proven to work for over 35+ years as a much more rapid form of therapy, where results are seen quickly. EMDR Therapy is not typically needed long term. 


As a therapist, Kristy has worked as a contractor for clients under Los Angeles County Probation, at Kaiser Permanente and in private practice at Edyn Therapy, which began in 2015. At Edyn Therapy she is focused in the fields of:

- Infidelity & Correlating Issues


- Youth, Parenting & Adolescent Therapy

- Mindfulness & Spirituality


In the process of dedicating her practice primarily to Infidelity, she has learned that Adolescent Therapy is something that she needed to pay attention to. Children who are part of a family that has been impacted by infidelity and/or divorce are in need of emotional support, just as adults are.  In the process she has learned to deal with children and teens who are having emotional issues and difficulty with anxiety, strong willed personalities, depression, suicidal idealizations and social issues.

Kristy's approach to therapy is Goal Oriented, Solution Focused, based from the Attachment Theory.  She emulates the style and direction of the late Peggy Vaughan and Virginia Satir. She understands how to dig deeper and get to the root of issues that clients are facing while being gentle through the process.


Kristy goes against the grain of traditional therapy in dealing with her clients who are facing the challenging emotions that result from an affair, encouraging open communication and complete disclosure if that is what is needed to facilitate healing. She encourages individual therapy but feels that joint sessions are imperative as soon as possible in dealing with couples. She understands the dynamic of  communication and the roller coaster of emotions, financial stressors in separation, family & relationship issues, parenting through crisis, and what is needed to heal in dealing with the trauma of an affair and significant life changes. If a client is without their partner, she is able to help them with the process of emotions they are experiencing in their loss. 

Together we work to facilitate healing and connection, to identify what is needed to make make progress on the path that works for you. 


My mission is to facilitate emotional growth and connection with empathy, respect and empowering the self.


I provide a safe atmosphere where honest communication and connection can be nurtured. All of our struggles can be an asset to growth if we use them as tools to build upon and heal from. 

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