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Support services are briefly under Life Coach Status until LMFT testing  is complete in 2022. Please call today with any questions - 626.993.5881. Thank you, Kristy Michele
Supervision is not required under life Coach status. Any mention of a supervisor is obsolete; and the term Life Coach is used in all instances where Therapeutic support is mentioned, until required testing is complete for full licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in early 2022. In 2021, Cepielik is under contract with AIM-4-Recovery, facilitating group rehabilitation sessions for program participants. Cepielik holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and has been working in the field since 2012 as an Intern Therapist in good standing until expiration. Life Coach is a title used for out of state clients and in situations where intern status is invalid; and will be used until full licensure testing is completed. 


Kristy Michele & Oliver

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Inappropriate calls are
reported to the police.  

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Kristy Michele specializes in

infidelity & relationships in crisis

Infidelity is treated as a trauma. Kristy Michele has personal and professional experience in this field. She became a therapist with the intention of dedicating her practice to Infidelity because of the support she encountered in dealing with this issue in her personal life in 2010. She is now working as a Life Coach until her final test is passed as a Licensed Therapist in California. She works as a Life Coach to provide service to clients in other states and will use this designation until her test is passed. 

Traditional couple's counseling can be helpful, but therapy specialized in Infidelity is not best served using the techniques of traditional couple's counseling. Treating the issue as a trauma is the first difference. 1) You will not be expected to move past the issue initially. 2) The focus will be on where you are emotionally when you have your consultation. 3) In the process, you will be given tools to help with moving through the situation, with or without your partner (your choice will be honored), to best facilitate healing. 4) Root issues will be dealt with, but they are not the initial priority. If root issues surface, they will not be ignored, but the main focus in the first stage is to stabilize the couple or individual emotionally, and to gain an understanding of why you are at the place you are at, and what is needed to move forward.  

Group therapy is offered on a monthly basis at an affordable rate, to provide a full range of support, in addition to EMDR which is effective for anxiety, obsessive thoughts and trauma.


Infidelity is a symptom of other issues. 80% of couples that encounter infidelity will attempt to stay together. Call for a consultation to learn how to overcome the roller coaster of emotions, without judgement. Interview Kristy today to see if she is the right fit for you and your family. Call now!  626.993.5881

BAN Approved
International Organization BAN
recognizes Kristy Michele as an approved contact for Infidelity.

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